Immortal City by Scott Speer

Jackson Godspeed is the hottest young Angel in a city filled with them.

He's days away from becoming a full Guardian, and people around the world are already competing for the chance to be watched over by him. Everyone's obsessed with the Angels and the lucky people they protect - everyone except for Madison Montgomery.

Maddy's the one girl in Angel City who doesn't breathlessly follow the Angels on TV and gossip blogs. When she meets Jackson, she doesn't recognize him. But Jackson is instantly captivated by her, and against all odds the two fall in love.

Maddy is swiftly caught up in Jackson's scene, a world of glamour, paparazzi - and murder. A serial killer is on the loose, leaving dead Angels' wings for the police to find on the Walk of Fame. Even the Guardians are powerless to protect themselves in the face of this threat & and this time it's up to Maddy to save Jackson.

                                                              Rating: 4.5 out of 5
                                                              Series book: Yes
                                      Will I read the next book: Ehh Its a definite maybe

Before reading this book I was like Not because most Angel books are, umm, not the best. But because I couldn't see the plot being all that original. I was sooo wrong. Like, I would apologize to Speer myself because of how wrong I was. Totally misjudged the book. Its, like, almost perfect. Almost.

The writing was pretty good. The thing that annoyed with me was the switching of perspectives every chapter. I know that's not bad writing. I hate it when a book is in two perspectives most the time, but this had three, sometimes four, maybe five. It depends on what part of the book your on. The main three were Maddy, Jacks, and Sylvester(detective). Maddy and Jacks I could stand, but the chapters told by Sylvester were so boring most of the time, but I didn't wanna skip in case something important happened. Other than that it was fine. 

The plot, like I said, was very original. Basically, Maddy meets Jacks while he's running from the cops and hid out in the diner. Bleep hit the fan then. Or started looking up. It depends on what your looking at. Maddy starts to lose relationships. Bad. Jacks and Maddy are madly in love, even if they don't realize it. Good.Then everyone's like "no you can't be together! You're from two different worlds!" Flashback to Disney movie Starstruck. I liked how the plot wasn't totally on the romance, but also on the serial killer and society as a whole. 

The characters had depth. Jacks, even living a charmed life, wasn't happy. I know its stereotypical "rich guy who's actually really deep and is truly a hero" story...but still, it drew me in. Maddy wasn't infatuated with angels like everyone else, but focused on school and college and real life. That's pretty cool to read about, I think. 

The romance was understated, unperfect, and was an emotional roller-coaster. At the end I was all like NO MADDY GET ON THE TRAIN!!!! The story wasn't completely focused on it, which was a refreshing breath of fresh air. I also love when a romance isn't perfect. I hate perfect relationships actually. They're unrealistic. Sorry girls, Twilight relationships don't exist, and people don't automatically love each other. People are people, and love takes time. Maddy was always pushing Jacks away, but he kept on coming back. Jacks himself was swoon-worthy. I wouldn't have had Maddy's willpower. They also both understood that they were from two different worlds, but Jacks kept denying it. They both had flaws and had to see past it. And they did. This was one of the most healthy relationships in a book I've seen in a while.
Favorite Quotes:
“Will you listen to me just this once?” he nearly yelled. “I . . . I like you, Maddy. I mean, more than just as a friend. Are you so stubborn you can’t 
see that? Maybe last night meant nothing to you, but it meant something to me.” His eyes were vulnerable, almost tortured. “Did you ever even 
consider that I might love you, you stubborn, impossible girl?” 

“How did you learn to drive like that?" Gwen yelled over the howl of six hundred horses.
"Watching Jacks." She gunned the engine and slipped around another car.
"You know, watching his shifting."
Gwen gasped. "You've been looking at his SHIFTER?” 

“You sleep like an angel" Jacks said. The shock of his words in the dark room sent Maddy's stomach leaping into her throat. She didn't even realize she had screamed until it came out of her mouth.
"Don't be frightened," Jacks said, sounding worried. "It's just me. I'm sorry, I so didn't mean for that to sound creepy. Let me start over.”  (*Twilight moment*)

“You are my Guardian Angel, Maddy,” a voice said, but it was far away from her.” 

SUMMARY OF REVIEW(In case you don't actually feel like reading the review):
Plot: 5 out of 5  very original
Characters: 5  out of 5 They had depth
Romance: 5 out of 5 Perfectly unperfect 
Writing: 4 out of 5 Please pick one or two perspectives and stick with them!
Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Rated PG grotesque images described, violent fight scenes