Review Policy

The Basics:
I review on a regular 5 star chart:
5 stars: Read Now. I'm not kidding. Stop whatever your doing and read it NOW.
4 stars: It's not like a stop-read-now thing. Finish what you're doing, but read it. Soon.
3 stars: It was meh. Read it in between good books. And only if you're bored. Really, really bored.
2 stars: Mannnn this book sucked. Waste of time. DO. NOT. READ. WARNING LABEL ATTACHED.
1 star: Stop what you're doing. Through this book in the oven, a bonfire, a magic bullet, just NEVER READ IT.

In my reviews I include Plot, Writing, Characters, and Romance *eyebrow wiggle* and a intro paragraph. i also include 2-6 quotes, a summary, and a movie/TV like rating. Said rating is there to tell readers what level of maturity is recommended to read this book. My reviews are also posted on goodreads and sometimes Amazon/Barnes and Nobles. But mostly goodreads.