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Hi there! So, I'm Darian...beginner blogger and avid reader. I Love reading almost anything, but especially love YA Paranormal. Favorite paranormal: Angels
Anyway, I really hate to read anything without basic plot, like books where plot is secondary and romance is the biggest part of the book. But I do like a good romance sub-plot, and swoon-worthy guys.  Also hate unoriginal books. And books that have that girl who falls for that guy and acts totally helpless....No. I like kick-ass heroines that can take care of themselves. I'm 16. I live in Central Virginia. And yeah....I'm done.

Email: Intothewormshole@gmail.com
Twitter: @WormsHoleBlog


I'm Ariadne James and I'm really excited to be joining Darian on her blog.  I have a tendency to have a crush on fictional characters, but then again who doesn't?  Darian and I have had many a fight about who was better.  We can never really seem to like the same guys.
I am awkward and quiet, but when you get me talking about books I really come out of my shell.
I am looking forward to teaming up with Darian, and I hope I do her blog justice.  So yeah that's it I think.   

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