Touched by Corrine Jackson

Touched (Sense Thieves, #1)
Time may not heal all wounds—but she can.

You'd think being able to heal people with a touch would be a blessing. But to 17-year-old Remy O'Malley, it's more like a curse.

Every injury Remy heals becomes her own. She lives in fear of the day she's forced to mend a wound from which she can't recover--and she's desperate to keep her amazing ability a secret.

Enter Asher Blackwell, a scarred eighteen-year-old with dangerous powers of his own. Asher seems to know more about Remy's abilities than she does--and maybe more than he's letting on. If she opens up to him, she might find out what it truly means to be a Healer. But she'll also expose herself to capture by an old and very determined enemy. And if they catch her, they won't just injure her.

They'll kill her.

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                        Rating: 5 of 5 stars
                        Series book: Yes
                        Will I read the Next: Yes
Omigosh that was amazing. At first I got this kindof twilight vibe when she first met Asher, only wayyyy more intense. You know how Edward was all like "I'm evil but could never hurt you"? Yeah well Asher only got to that point after "I'm evil and it's in my nature to hurt you." Besides Remy's obvious attraction to a very dangerous person("What a stupid lamb"...Anyone else think that? No? Just me? Kay.) there were some real life problems laced through the paranormal theme in this book. Coming from an abusive background, Remy had some serious trust issues (That's one hell of a understatement, by the way). Oh, and just another Twilight related thought before the actual review; that whole cover looks alot like a pale hand holding an apple, huh?
The writing was always good, and occasionally beautiful. At some points I seriously thought I was reading poetry. The descriptive language was amazing and I seriously enjoyed reading it. This was one of those books that as much as you try to stop reading, you realize you can't. It was just so engaging. And perfect. And I highly recommend anyone read this book, especially if you enjoy good writing.
So I can see all you people thinking, "Twilight rip-off, no thanks." WRONG. Sure in the romance department, it's a little Twilight-ish. But it ends there. The whole plot was totally different. Does Twilight have healers and protectors? Does Bella cause Edward pain when they touch? No? Didn't think so. This plot, though not completely unheard of, is still pretty original. I just wish there was more with the whole Protector and Healer angle. Hopefully there will be more in the next book.
I thought that this would be one of those books where it was all focused on three or four main characters (heroine, hero, bad guy 1, parent). But I loved how Remy got to know and love her family and friends, and wasn't completely focused on Remy and Asher falling and love and the bad guy coming to break them up. I loved how Remy learned to trust and get past the difficulties and scars of her past living situation, and how her friends and family were patient in helping her get to that point.
 Oh man, Asher. He is perfection. And my new book boyfriend. So at first I was skeptical there would even be romance because I didn't think Remy would be into the whole romance thing after what she went through. But man  anyone would melt for Asher. At first he was cold and distant. And then he was sweet and warm. And I know I haven't used this term in a while, but....SWOON. Like seriously. Perfect. Even though it was a little sappy, it was just so cute you had to smile. L.O.V.E
SUMMARY OF REVIEW(In case you don't actually feel like reading the review):
Writing:  5 out of 5
Plot: 5 out of 5
characters: 5 out of 5  
Romance: 5 out of 5
PG-13 Serious real life problems, violence, serious intense romantic staring.