YA Books to Movies Update: Divergent

Director: Neil Burger
Release Date: March 21, 2014
My reaction: Oh. Ohmigosh. YES. Like, can you imagine those fear simulations? I Can't wait until this is out. I'm counting. 352 days guys. 352

Okay so at first I heard Alex Pettyfer might be Four..And don't get me wrong he is amazing. But he's not Four. So yeah, just had to get that out there. I love him but im seriously glad he's not Four.

Tris- Okay you know that girl from The Secret Life of an American Teenager? You know the one who got pregnant first (I don't know if other people got pregnant, I don't watch that show)? Yeah, she's Tris. I looked up some other clips of her acting(Shailene Woodley is her name by the way) and she can act. I know that ABC Family kind of ruins your opinions of people, or at least it ruins mine, but when they do something else your just like "Woah. They can act" But one problem; Tris is a blonde. Just saying

Four: Theo James. Now I've never heard of him or anything, but he's hot and I think he could totally pull off Four's character. A few tattoos, a dark,mysterious, and tortured attitude and he's set.


Tori- So Tori isn't a huge character in the book, but it's still important who plays her. I think it was a good call to cast Maggie Q. She has that tattoo artist look, you know? And I haven't personally seen Nikita, but I've heard good things.

Eric: Jai Courtney doesn't look creepy enough for Eric in my opinion..But maybe with a few piercings, a couple tattoos. He could pull it off. Maybe.
christian-madsen-2Ben Lloyd-Hughes Looks perfect! He looks like he could be funny and serious at the same time. I don't know about his age, but they must be aging up the characters for the movie(does he look 16 to you? no.)
ben-lamb-2AlChristian Madsen. I don't know if this is how i pictured Al. I feel  like Madsen is more attractive than Al should be? Also, Al was supposed to be kind of chunky don't you think? Stocky? Big. But I don't know, he could be good. He's a beginner, hasn't been in much, but it runs in the family so... Fingers crossed he does Al justice.
Edward: I think Ben Lamb could do good as Edward. He looks strong enough, like he's number one material and *SPOILER ALERT* It sucks that he won't be in the whole movie.

Mark your calendar guys  this is gonna be the next big thing. March 21, 2014. 352 days!