Kindred by J.A. Redmerski

Isaac Mayfair is hiding a dark secret. And just when Adria Dawson thinks the worst of her life among the werewolf world is over, she learns the secret that can rip her and Isaac’s love apart. Adria must come to terms with what the truth means for her. What it means for her life and how much time she has left to live it. She must choose between two different fates, neither of which can offer life as a certainty.

As if Isaac’s betrayal isn’t enough, Adria learns that there are things out there older and more powerful than werewolves could ever be. An archaic entity known only to few as the Praverian, unlike anything Adria has ever known or heard of.

As Adria struggles with her own fateful dilemmas, she must also try to find out why the Praverian is so interested in her and do everything in her power to stay out of its way

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                                                              Rating: 3.5 out of 5
                                                              Series book: Yes
                                                  Will I read the next book: Maybe
Why'd I even pick up this book? I gave the first book in the series a low 2.33 rating. I don't know maybe I couldn't find anything else to read. But surprisingly, this book actually was way better than the first one. But that does set the standard pretty low, huh?
The characters were better in this book. Adria thought about herself a little bit more, Isaac was still super overprotective, but we got to see more of the rest of Isaac's family. My new favorite characters of this book are Nathan and Zia(the Zia one didn't change). The perspective changes at the end of the book, to Isaac then back to Adria*The reason for this is Isaac became alpha after Adria ran away after getting changed in to a werewolf*.
This book was a little better in the romance department than the first, but still not swoon worthy. Adria started to distance herself from Isaac,*because she thought the enemy and her had a Blood Bond, but it was actually Isaac, and she thought she was going crazy because of it*, towards the middle of the book. *But everything was picture perfect in the end.* 
The plot was also better than in The Mayfair Moon. Not so certain-vampire-movie-that-shall-not-be-named-ish. It actually had some new and original paranormals. Even a couple of *Plot Twists*, I love plot twists. Seriously, better than the first book.
Favorite Quotes:
“I really would like to know how you managed to snag that one,” she adds, watching Isaac approach us from the parking lot. “Does he have a brother? Seriously -- I’ll take his second cousin.” 
“Wait, it's going to fall," I say, pointing to the banner. "Pull it tighter-there, yeah, see how loose it is?"
"A little to the left" Isaac mocks me, grinning. "A little to the right?"
I stick my tongue out at him.
"Better be careful with that thing," he jokes.”
SUMMARY OF REVIEW(In case you don't actually feel like reading the review):
Plot: 4 out of 5 Surprise! PLOT TWIST!
characters: 3.5 out of 5 Better, definitely better.
Romance 3 out of 5  Still lacking
Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Rated R Violence, tons of sexual comments, multiple sex scenes.