Hello there, World!

Ahhh the "Hello world" post. The first default post on every blog as you go through the tutorial and learn to use it. This post is a special post to introduce my close friend and competitive reading buddy...drumroll please *insert drumroll here* Ariadne James.
We are now partnering up so that we could have twice the reviews, twice the nerdiness, and twice the fun. Do I sound like a cheesy commercial? Good. Now the girl herself, Ariadne James!

Thanks Darian.  You did sound like a cheesy commercial.  So yeah I'm Ariadne James and I'm really excited to be joining Darian on her blog.  I have a tendency to have a crush on fictional characters, but then again who doesn't?  Darian and I have had many a fight about who was better.  We can never really seem to like the same guys.
I am awkward and quiet, but when you get me talking about books I really come out of my shell.
I am looking forward to teaming up with Darian, and I hope I do her blog justice.  So yeah that's it I think.  

Well there you go folks, the dream team of the blogosphere is complete. One thing I'd like to correct Ariadne on though, it's our blog now. Yeah. I'm still trying to sound cheesy.

                                                                                                                                                                    Darian and Ariadne